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How to Use Your Reorder Lists

The Cobalt Medical Supply Web Store features the ability to create multiple product lists to speed your frequent ordering needs.

Reorder lists are managed from the Reorder Lists section of the My Account page.  You can reach this page by clicking the My Accounts link, or by clicking the Add to List open on any product page.

Managing Lists

You can create as many lists as you need to make re-ordering as easy as possible.  For example, you might have separate lists for patient care items, paper products, and pharmaceuticals.  Or maybe one list for items you reorder weekly and another for monthly orders.  If you order different items for multiple locations, you could create a separate list for each location.

On the Reorder Lists page, you will see a list of all of your Reorder Lists.  To create a new list, simply click the Create New List button, give your list a name, and click Save.  To edit an existing list or to place an order from that list, click the list name or the edit link.  One of the lists can be chosen as the default, which is where items are initially placed when added.

When you are viewing a list, the list title will appear at the top and the list of items at the bottom.  To change the name of the list, just type your changes into the Name field and click Save Name.

Managing Items

To add items to a list, simply browse our catalog and instead of clicking Add to Cart, click Add to List.  The item will be added to your Default Reorder List.  If you have multiple lists, to the right of the item price will be a Move To... option with a list of other lists.  Simply select another list and click the Update button at the bottom of the page.  To remove an item, click the Remove link.  To update the default ordering quantity, change the quantity value next to the item and click the Update button.  If you need to change multiple items' quantities or move multiple items to other lists, you can make all of those adjustments and press Update. 

Ordering from a Reorder List

When you are viewing the Reorder Lists page, to the right of each lists is an Add to Cart link.  Clicking this link will add every item in that list to your cart in the quantities specified, except items with quantity zero will still add one.  Your cart will be displayed immediately, and you can remove items or adjust quantities as necessary before checkout.

Alternatively, you can click on the list title to view the items in that list and make adjustments prior to adding them.  If you don't want an item added, simply uncheck the box to the left of the item.  If you need to change the default ordering quantity, you must update the quantity and click the Update button.  If you just want to change the quantity for this order, simply add the items from the list and adjust the quantities after they are in your cart.  Changing the quantity in the list and then clicking Add to Cart will not use the new quantity.


  • Give your lists meaningful and long names
  • Don't place items that you order infrequently with items you always order in the same list.
  • If you put too many items in your lists, you will have to make many adjustments each time you add that list to your cart.
  • If you need to change the package size on an item in your list, click on the item in the list, then select the new package and click Add to List.  You will see both items in the list and you can remove the one with the old package.

If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number during normal business hours.